Storage Rules

Prohibited items

Occupants MAY NOT STORE: anything living, any dead animal or carcass, gasoline, oil, fuel, grease, anti-freeze, flammable chemicals, explosives, fireworks, ammunition, hazardous materials or waste, asbestos, lawn debris, construction debris, tires, batteries, items having noxious smell, controlled substances, operating phones, prohibited weapons under North Carolina law, stolen property, fuel tanks containing combustable fuels, liquid propane tanks, oxygen tanks, food, fertilizer, pesticides, items that are wet or contain mildew or mold.


Occupants MAY NOT USE the space or any portion of the facility for the following: lodging, sleeping, cooking, consumption of alcoholic beverages, garage sale, flea market, or direct sales from the space, parties, gatherings, meetings for any purpose, business or work area, sanding painting, welding, soldering, operating power equipment, practicing or playing musical instruments

See North Carolina Self Storage Rental Agreement for details