Airport Self Storage is a state-of-the-art facility using industry leading technology to monitor and secure your items. Featuring key code gate access, which uses your personalized key code for the security system to identify who accessing the facility and which unit you have access to. Each storage space is equipped with an individual alarm.


Electronic Keypad Entry

Our facility feature keypad access to the entry gate and indoor storage units. All tenants use their own personalized pin number. For extra security measure, only renters who are leasing a temperature controlled unit have access into the temperature controlled buildings.


24/7 Security monitoring

Our 24/7 security cameras monitor all activity in the storage area, around the facility, and vehicles entering and exiting the property. 


Individualized security

Each storage unit has an individual alarm, ensuring that no one gets into your unit except you. Our security system knows which tenant has entered and the storage unit that they have access to. Keeping all stored items safe and secure.